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Cooking Classes at La Dolce Vita Restaurant

The cooking classes presented at Dolce Vita Restaurant by Chef Ercole Musso, have become one of the most wonderful attractions for all food lover and specially Italian Dining. These classes feature the unique food of Northern Italy, especially the Piedmont region, paired with Pinot Grigio Bertani and Pinot Noir Principato from Jacques Scott.
Nestled between the mountains and the coast, the region combines influences of both in its food. It is also famous for its wine, with some of the best reds in Italy originating there.
Northern Italy is also the only region in the country where rice is cultivated, making it the home of risotto.
For the cooking classes, the chef Ercole Musso always puts together a menu in the fashion of traditional Italian family cooking, with many of the dishes using the castoffs of the previous prepared dish. In this way, nothing is wasted, as was traditional when cooking for a big family.
Chef Ercole will demonstrate how to prepare the dishes, as well as share tips from his kitchen experience and background on the Piedmont region and its food. Of course, everyone will always get e sample of the dishes as well.
You can call today to Dolce Vita Restaurant and list yourself and your friends and family too for the next cooking class, pure Italian style with Chef Ercole Musso.
Tel: (1345)-946-7678 or email:

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