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Welcome to La Dolce Vita Restaurant in the Cayman Islands!
La Dolce Vita by Ercole Musso is definitely the best the restaurant in the Cayman Islands to enjoy real Italian cuisine. At La Dolce Vita as many people say: "food is art".
The fabulous culinary creations of Ercole Musso, the Chef and owner of the La Dolce Vita will "transport" you all over Italy and specially his region: Piemonte.
Either if you want to have a romantic dinner, family dinner or even business dinner feel free to visit La Dolce Vita and enjoy fresh made food with all the benefits.
Located on North Church Street in George Town, Grand Cayman, La Dolce Vita with its spectacular view is more than one of the best restaurants in the Cayman Islands. La Dolce Vita Restaurant is a real Italian family style restaurant, rated within the top restaurants in the Cayman Islands.
Friendly staff, good food and great service are the ingredients for the high level of satisfaction around La Dolce Vita Restaurant. Fresh ingredients in every meal, Italian style oven Pizza, and delightful dishes are some of the many reasons why visitors always come back to La Dolce Vita Restaurant.
Feel free to visit La Dolce Vita while you are in the Cayman Islands!
Call: (1345) 946-7678 open every day from 11:00 am until 10:30pm.

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